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Chinese Ambassador Hu Zhangliang Meets with Press Secretary of State House Yusuf Keketoma Sandy

On August 23, 2019, H.E. Chinese Ambassador Hu Zhangliang to the Republic of Sierra Leone met with the Press Secretary of the State House Yusuf Keketoma Sandy and exchanged views on strengthening media exchanges and cooperation.

Mr. Sandy briefed Ambassador Hu on the function of State House Press Office. He highly commended the pragmatic cooperation between Sierra Leone and China as well as China's endeavor in helping promote the economic and social development of Sierra Leone. He disclosed that Sierra Leonean media follow closely the news on China and her development achievements. The State House Press Office hopes to further strengthen communication and cooperation with the Embassy.

Ambassador Hu thanked the State House Press Office for supporting the work of the Embassy and introduced China's philosophy and principle on news reporting. Ambassador Hu said that the media is an important medium to showcase a country and State House Press Office plays a very important role. Ambassador Hu pointed out that the Chinese Embassy was willing to continue strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the Press Office of the State House of Sierra Leone to deepen China-Sierra Leone friendship and understanding. He hoped that Sierra Leonean media including the State House Press Office would report or disseminate information about China in an objective and fair manner.

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